Paroline v. Amy Unknown and U.S., 12-8561

Amy’s case shows us a snippet of lawless world of the internet. As many have already mentioned in their posts, currently we do not have many rules and regulations regarding the use of internet in general and child pornography over the internet in particular. In such a case, it is hard for victims like Amy to get any restitution unless they use current laws and interpret it in a broadly. For example, the Joint and Several Liability clause does not require the defendants to conspire to commit the crime. According to Cornell University Law School, “When two or more parties are jointly and severally liable for a tortious act, each party is independently liable for the full extent of the injuries stemming from the tortious act.” It not only recompenses the victim for her/his injuries but also “shifts the burden of collecting restitution from the victim to the perpetrator” (On The Media). The Supreme Court has to decide whether the 5th circuit court’s decision was accurate or not but until we have laws governing the lawless world of internet, we must interpret our current laws broadly to include such areas.

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