Freedom of Speech: USA vs. Russia

In this previous podcast, Brooke Gladstone states, “There is an information vaccuum in Sochi…” to imply that Russia removes much of the facts and updates from what they tell their society and the public whereas in the USA, we know stories so quickly they are never even 100% true just yet – our country plays a game of social media/newscast ‘telephone’ in a way.  Being a journalist or a reporter in Russia, those individual’s reports are denied numerous times before they are released publicly because (1) they do not have freedom of speech/press/expression and (2) “…even if there is a stage nine earthquake, the city is to be told that there are clear blue skies.”.  So if the story is not shining and positive then it cannot be a story at all.  Now, in comparison to whether you should be forced to lie to your country a possibly a week after an event OR be given the option to be truthful or lie in that same second, I feel that the USA has a better grip on this with truth or lies in the same second.  Living in America, we are welcome to give out something we were born to feel and do; be opinionated.  It is up to individuals to decide who’s opinion is more credible, valuable, and reliable – rightly so.  Not to mention, even though our opinions make events casually blurry and sometimes questionable, maybe even take an entire twenty-four hours to be completely exact, at least the events are current and real and it is possible to remain updated constantly.  The public is made aware of events and given the ability to check news stations, social media feeds, internet updates, newspapers, make phone calls, etc.  These things are not made possible in Russia, you are limited to know what someone (Russian government) decides you are allowed to know.  In America, if the skies are black and tidal waves are moving in, we clearly are not running around encouraging everyone to go to the beach that day…  I would rather be 50% informed – immediately – and make my own intelligent decision to not believe all of those given exact words on the spot or to do so, but at least now have what I need to continue with my own investigations and still know the base of what happened that day, God forbid it concerned my own life or family.  I find the Russian government to be overly controlling, dishonest and wrongful and America SOMETIMES dishonest and wrongful, but at least I’m allowed to disagree with it.

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