American vs. Russian Media

With the Winter Olympics beginning last week, the latest podcast had a few segments relating to Russia. What was interesting was the discussion of journalism and the media coverage in Russia. As mentioned in class, the country’s media differs from ours in ways that we can’t even imagine facing. We have become accustomed to knowing and finding out practically everything (important or not) whereas the news is strictly controlled by the government in Russia and its people are only exposed to a handful of information. Not only is the amount limited but the way in which the news is presented becomes biased. Here in the U.S. we get to hear news as news, granted there are some television networks that provide bias. Nonetheless, we have the option of what we want to hear and what we do not care for. We also have the right to know what is going on in our country and the world around us. We have so many sources to turn to for news coverage that we become accustomed to the luxury.

Not only do we have the right to know, we also have the right to speak. Journalists and reporters are able to say how they feel about the government and we as citizens do too. Those in Russia face the opposite and it is really quite unfortunate. The thought of living in a place where the news is so controlled makes me feel restricted and confined in a bubble.

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