Arthur Chu and Jeopardy Game Strategy

I really like this segment of On the Media because someone proved that if you want to win a game of Jeopardy you do not need to know an extreme amounts of facts or have to look/act a certain way. I always wondered how people could know all these facts and how long it had to take them to study information about different topics.( It seems impossible to remember all those facts!) There are definitely tactics in playing this game.  I love how in this interview Arthur Chu straight out said ” I googled jeopardy strategy” and found several strategies like “bouncing the categories”.  People were upset because they felt Chu cheated the game because he used strategy instead of being the person who knew the most facts/ answers to the question. As it was said in the interview the game became a “game of timing and strategy and  not knowing the facts”. In the media people were tweeting about how he was disrespectful and looked like he was glaring the other contestants. However, thinking about it this is a competitive game and this shows some of the reality that people will do whatever needs to be done to win.  People should not feel upset because he has”broken the code/ rules of the game”, to be honest there are no exact rules or ways to play a game. Each person can choose their tactics and the best way to complete against their opponents. This can be related to media as well, when people talk about the ethics of new media and how one form of media was created for a singular purpose. This is untrue,  media has no rules or “right” way of using technology. Media can be transformed for new creative purposes. Even in this case I can argue one form of media undermined what people believed was the true nature of another form of media (the television game show). Chu did his research online to better his chances of winning the game show and this is something most people would do if they were going to be on Jeopardy. I know I would. 

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  1. This On the Media segment and your response to it kind of reminds me of the segment we listened to on the very first day of class. In order to succeed in gaining the most royalties, the artist on the segment did not make the best songs in terms of meaning and depth, instead he figured out a strategy. He is successful because of his strategy not for his musical talent as compared to top mainstream artists. I feel that this is what Arthur Chu was doing. He shamed those who spent studying long hours for the game just as the artists whom spent so much studio time on their tracks. He didn’t seek out to be the most talented or the smartest, he sought out strategies,in other words “he did what he had to do” and he was more successful than those who spent long hours studying. People only judge others like Arthur because he broke the code,something they weren’t able to do.

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