I’m Matthew Mills

There are several things about this story that startle me, completely aside from what the real Matthew Mills did at the super bowl press conference. For starters, the fact that these news outlets were actually attempting to hunt this man down and get him on their show. P.J. Vogt described what these shows were doing as “grossness” and a continuation of spectacle. I was absolutely mortified when I heard a man from the news outlet say “love what you’re doing.” It is utter insanity that these people would not only condone these actions, but literally say they love what he did. The lengths that some people will go to in order to use others to create entertainment is unsettling to say the least. As it was said in the program, there is obviously something wrong and to use that for entertainment is truly disturbing. It shows an awful side of media that has no ethical purpose and I truly wish would quickly disappear, but honestly never will.┬áMy other huge issue with this situation is the lack of fact checking. The other Matthew Mills was asked one question, and one question only: ” Are you Matthew Mills?” If that is the only question that matters to today’s media we have a serious issue with the legitimacy of our information. Not only could anyone share that name, but absolutely anyone could have called and lied to get in on the fun. It really makes me question the information that is distributed and how much some people really care about how authentic it is. These reporters could not have cared any less if it was the real Matthew Mills, as long as they could continue the spectacle.

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