On the Media Reactions

A couple of weeks ago one of the On The Media podcasts discussed Child Pornography Laws. Amy was a young girl who has to constantly relive the painful memories from her sexually abusive uncle. Without her consent, he posted images of her online which allow the world to see her in a way she never expected. One of the biggest issues of posting the images online is that the internet is forever. If someone were to look her up online for a job interview the employer might even come across these pictures. Although she has been able to collect close to two million dollars, there is no amount of money that could help her get past this. She is constantly having to go back and forth from lawyer, to therapist all around the country just to get money, but no justice. I believe that the uncle should receive more punishment and Amy will get the chance to move forward with her life. The fact that these pictures are the most viewed child porn images in the world shows how much of an impact this has on Amy. A law that her lawyer found stated that she was “entitled to the full amount of their losses.” This happened to be the first request for restitution in the country on child porn because this law was made at the early stages of the internet, but I feel that this is a horrible excuse to not helping her. I hope this case sets a new set of standards for sexual abuse for everyone out there who has suffered just like Amy.

On last weeks podcast of On The Media they discussed the case of Amanda Knox. She was found guilty again by the Italian supreme court for the murder of her roommate. This incident occurred seven years ago, and she already spent time in jail before for already being convicted of this murder. Her case has been made into books and movies, even websites about it, where people can get into the case and exploit everything about her. I feel that she did not kill her roommate for man reasons. For one, I just came back from studying abroad last semester in Spain. People in Europe have a lot of pride when it comes to their country. When they see that a British girl was murdered and the two killers could be an American or and Italian, the Italian’s would automatically blame the American. She looked different, spoke different and acted differently than everyone else. I know of people who have gotten into serious altercations such as a taxi driver entering the American girls’ apartment after a late night. Amanda was found guilty on accounts that do not seem valid enough. There were pictures of her at a Nazi museum and the viral video of her kissing her boyfriend outside the crime scene, which the media exploited into a big deal. Nina Burleigh makes a valid argument when she says that the man had broken into other homes, all of the evidence was pointed towards this man, but now Amanda has to suffer to a jurisdiction based on the media rather than the rational goverment system of Italy.

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