Democratization of Knowledge

I find the democratization of knowledge to be extremely necessary – say in institutions for example – where it needs to be capitalized on in order to expand specific fields throughout the country/world such as mathematics and science; subjects that need to be researched, learned, and taught to continuously grow.  Democratization of knowledge certainly does not undermine true knowledge and wisdom; whether someone has wisdom or does not have wisdom, classroom lessons cannot lessen past experiences that mold a person.  That just does not make sense.  I understand that not everyone can or does learn the same in a classroom, some people cannot grasp the ability to read for example… That may hurt their ability to pass a class or learn in an institutionalized environment, but it certainly does not give them any equivalence to ‘stupid’.  Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it’s stupid.”  Every individual is unique and so is every individual human brain out of the seven billion on this planet, but it indefinitely does not put a damper on wisdom or decipher ‘real’ knowledge from other knowledge.  ‘Real’ knowledge has no ‘real’ definition except to not only know, but to understand, and everyone understands different things differently.  That’s the beauty of the successful and the beauty of prospering intelligences throughout the world… Earth was created by individuality working as one.

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