Open source Culture

Copyright is in its own form monopolistic. Therefore, it is forbidden or more costly for other users to use. I understand a person is entitled to their work and might feel it is unfair for people to have access to use and receive credit for something they created. The price of reproducing someone’s work is much less than the prices assigned to the licensed work. I think there is much more behind this issue than receiving credit for work, this is greed. I think some creators take advantage of copyright and ask for ridiculous amounts of money for the using their work. People should have open sources available to them because it would help consumers which might lead to even more consumption. Open source should be beneficial for both parties and if a creator is able to receive some credit and allow others use this valuable information at little to no cost this could be great for society. However, people might also see this negatively because users would not be purchasing the information which might not even cover all the expenses of the production of this information. Open source would be a free way to collect information but unfortunately i think this would only work efficiently if it is closely regulated. 

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