Shift in Journalism

The democratization of knowledge in recent years due to the growth of the Internet is closely linked to shifting forms of journalism. Digital media has allowed us to use technology in ways that were never expected before, i.e., social media, blogging, document sharing, and citizen journalism, all of which have changed the way the way that we interact, read, write, learn, and participate in every day information. The media as we know it has changed immensely because of these factors. Our culture of news and reporting has become increasingly more democratic since the growth of the Internet, resulting in a societal and cultural shift in journalism. Though many may argue that this is not a negative thing, many may are that it in fact is. I believe that these shifts in journalism, such as participatory, blogging, commons knowledge, etc., have allowed for more information to be provided and learned for readers, although this has led to an overwhelming amount of material that, arguably, may not always be truthful, reliable, or credible, which results in misinformed readers. News and information is available at the touch of our fingertips, which is definitely a positive thing, but at the same time it is a setback because of the vast availability of information and digital mediums. With such a magnitude of information, the accessibility of it, and the participatory rate of the Internet and its different platforms, our society has turned into a relying, and dependent culture due to these evident factors. Journalism today is mainly digital due to the decrease in print readership, the timeliness of the Internet, and the widespread audiences that it now reaches. In addition to this, journalism is now becoming even more interactive with the accessibility of the Internet; users can now create their own websites, blogs, columns, and comments that are attainable to other users, enabling us to not solely rely on mainstream media sources. I am interested to see where this leads our society in the near future, and how journalism continues to shift. 

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