Dumb Starbucks an Example of Culture Jamming

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About a week ago there was a pop up shop that opened up in Los Feliz, California.  The title of the shop was “Dumb Starbucks Coffee”.  This shop included the same exact logo Starbucks used and mimicked the interior of the stores. The menus even had some of Starbuck’s signature drinks labeled as “Dumb Iced Coffee & Teas” and “Dumb Frappachinos”.



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Nathan Fielder is one of the people behind this joke. Sources say he is using it for a Comedy Central skit. Starbucks claimed to understand the humorous jokes but said that Nathan and Comedy Central cannot use their name since it is a trademark. ‘Dumb Starbuck’s’ says they are allowed to use their name because they are making a parody of it.  This is an perfect example of Culture Jamming.


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