Examples of Culture Jamming

I recently read a post on Buzzed.com called “25 Brand Slogans That Are Way More Accurate” where Cliff Dickens, a graphic designer, rewrote slogans to represent what the public really thinks about these brands. Here is the link, and the following are ones that I found to be the most clever.





  1. I found these to be on point, I completely agree with at least the first three because I have experienced those first hand (I have not experienced the last two). The first one… just about noone reads the terms and conditions for anything because they are so long, detailed, and written rather small. It is extremely unappealing to the user. As for Delta, the luggage takes forever. I waited for my luggage on my last 4 Delta flights for obscene amounts of time which was extremely frustrating. And Wikipedia nearly speaks for itself… Clearly college students rely on Wikipedia in their quick searches for the quickest answers. I personally made the most ignorant mistake to put Wikipedia in the bibliography of my freshmen essay three years ago, forgetting how ‘unreliable’ and how extremely unprofessional it was… Typical college freshmen mistake I suppose. All of these ad’s speak for themselves in my opinion.

  2. I mean these are clever (I guess) but really, what is the point of these images? I mean earlier in the blog someone posted the image of spray-paint on a bus-stop ad condemning sexism. Alright great, that had a good message and was standing up for a cause.

    “Wikipedia: You’re Welcome, College Students.” Am I supposed to laugh the way you laugh at a joke because “it’s so true”? What is this saying, college kids use Wikipedia? Did someone really need to a make a photo telling people that college kids use Wikipedia? Ha? Haha? Do I relate to it for a second and then forget about it? Did it even make an impact? Is remembering that I use wikipedia funny, is it funny that someone figured me out? Did the author create it to cause social change, or any arousal besides an internal ‘heh’? I know this entertainment, but I think it’s poorly done.

    When I see these images, I don’t look through them for entertainment, my first reaction is that hapless people are wasting time actually looking at this crap and the creator knew exactly how to reel those people in. And frankly, that is the reaction that I wish more people had. Does delta actually have a problem with luggage? I wouldn’t know, all I saw was one sentence on it. How about giving me an article, that image could be the header, I think that would be a good fit. There is no substance in these images. These pictures are worth 1000 words and they are all negative words that I think of. I also despise buzzfeed, jeez what a waste of web space. I know it entertains people, I look at entertaining things that are crap to you too (maybe that TED talks video I recently posted is crap to you). But remembering that I haven’t read the terms and conditions on iTunes by seeing that image isn’t funny to me, nor does it make me think about the inefficiency of terms and conditions. I don’t even think that T&Cs are inefficient, their length may allow them to sneak some clauses in or maybe they just had a lot to say, justifying why they wanted it so long. But either way, this photo isn’t doing its job.

    I am not downplaying the importance of photojournalism or pictures to convey information/statistics, I just see these photos as a tad silly, ineffective, but mainly a waste of time. Hope I didn’t troll your culture jamming.

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