Invasive Cavity Search at the Border

I almost took Bob’s advice and turned my volume down for this section because I can be incredibly squeamish but I kept it up and was horrified by what I heard. There is so much about this story that disgusts me. First, the preliminary searches of the woman started off graphic and showed absolutely nothing. It was bad enough what they did to the woman at the border, but to then force her to go through an entire medical examination essentially in public baffles me. Not only was she subject to this abuse from the officers and medical examiner, it was with the door wide open and other officers standing by. If all of the preliminary searches and x-ray’s do not show anything, why must the woman sit through hours more or abuse? There was no evidence in the first place that she had anything other than the dog signaling her out, which could have been due to another factor. I understand that border searches must be thorough but to submit an innocent woman to sexual abuse, which this absolutely was, and then force her to pay is disgusting. I was appalled when I heard that she was given the bill for something she had never agreed to in the first place. The officers used the hospital bill to force her into signing their consent form in order to avoid any issues with the law, which they would absolutely face if people really knew what was going on at the border. As appalled as I am, I wish I was more surprised. Sexual assault is so incredibly common it is terrifying and I am not surprised that it was done in this manner and that they choose to ignore the fact that it is sexual assault.  It truly disgusts me that this woman was subject to such awful treatment and abuse by those who vowed to keep her safe. 


  1. This was a very dreadful segment, but I find it uncomforting that you wish you were more surprised. I think that becoming desensitized to this type of abuse is exactly what the abusers want instilled in us. Not that we can just avoid it, I mean everything has depreciating arousal value after we see it enough. I think we have to remind ourselves every now and then to take each instance in a vacuum to see how horrible it is. I’m not accusing you of not caring, I think everyone has been desensitized to this sexual assault now and then.

    One thing that goes through my mind is that I hope that dog gets fired. Really. I mean a dog as a drug detector? I’ve seen it work but it sounds so strange. We don’t even fully understand humans and we can communicate pretty well to each other. Now we put hope of these dogs to bark only when there are drugs? Sounds like Murphy’s Law waiting to happen.

    Also, what’s the best way to inspect a vagina to drugs? Probably a non-invasive procedure like a scan or something. I can only imagine the government issued butt plugs that could be created some day to look inside someone for drugs.

  2. I must not have explained myself correctly. It’s not that I am desensitized. I understand how horrific every single instance is. I have participated in many events fighting for awareness of violence against women. But through those events, I have become aware of how often these horrifying instances are. One in five women will be sexual assaulted in their lifetime. It enrages me every single time I hear about an instance, but I now understand how often this horrific abuse occurs. Just because I know it happens much more often then many would like to think about, it does not mean I think that it is normal or ok. I am just aware of how awful this world can be to women and I am no longer the little girl who always thought that she was safe.

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