On the Media Reaction – Shedding Light on DHS

The Shedding Light on the DHS segment of on the media this week was very interesting. A man who lives in Texas was charged a few times for not being corporative when questioned about where he was a citizen of. One issue with this was that he was stopped very far away from the boarder. He is fighting with congress for justice since many people are being abused by boarder control when crossing the boarder. He claims that everyone should be treated with respect when crossing. No matter if you’re from Canada or Mexico, people want to do their job to make sure that there are no illegal residents, but there is no reason to treat them with disrespect. A few yeas ago there were issues in Arizona with people being stopped and questioned based on their race, their physical appearance, if they are a citizen of the US or not. It was not safe for people to drive since they would experience police brutality also. El Paso is a safe city in Texas and people just want their respect. I think that the police and DHS should have respect for people and not try to bend the rules. Just because this man was far away from the boarder doesn’t mean he was trying to sneak inside from Mexico. DHS should reevaluate their decisions when questioning people, especially since we have the right to due process.

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