TEDxDrexel Sam Hyde’s 2070 Paradigm Shift

Please read this before watching the video. So on the topic of culture jamming, I thought I would share the go-to video to make me laugh every time. And this happened to be a TED Talks video. Now, TED Talks are educational conferences held all around the world. When someone has “ideas worth spreading,” a TED Talk is a simple way to reach a large audience with your ideas/research/anything. Official TED Talks are conducted by the TED Conferences company, but they often give out licenses for other organizations to host a TED event known as a TEDx. The video above happens to be Drexel University’s TEDx.

And under a different genre, TED may use the content of each speaker under a creative commons license that each speaker has to agree to.

So Mr. Sam Hyde (a youtube comedian) doesn’t necessarily like TED Talks. He’s been quoted saying that they are too self-congratulatory. Others have criticized TEDs as an elitist group, often referring to restricting attendance to these events with high ticket prices or the case of one guest being uninvited after they had quit a prestigious firm. All in all, Sam Hyde wanted to mock the organization and subvert this mainstream cultural institution. If you’ve seen any other TED Talks, you may know that some are very serious and fact-driven and some just boring. But Hyde made it on stage, apparently by lying about his history (just listen to his introduction). I’ve shown this video to some that didn’t think it was so funny; cringe-worthy yes, but not funny. I think it’s important to understand what is expected of TED talks to see the humor that is Sam Hyde jamming the system. But please, enjoy.

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