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I’ve never heard of Russia Today

I’m looking at for the first time ever today. I’m probably not coming back. First of all the two main categories for news stories are ‘USA’ and ‘Russian Politics.’ I suppose I’m biased after listening to this weeks On The Media, but I’m definitely seeing either anti-American stories or just stories about bad things happening in America. I’m seeing lots of NSA stuff, an article on Obama’s low approval rating, more NSA and pro-Snowden news, and people from the US going on strike. Meanwhile Russia is passing a new family code to protect traditional values. No matter how tyrannical that might actually be, it sure is worded nicely! There is certainly coverage on other things, like bitcoins and a new torrent site, but I don’t think that this place offers many unique news pieces or something you can’t get elsewhere. I don’t know why I thought that this might’ve been a good idea, but I looked at the comments and they show a very cynical side of humanity.

On The Media mentioned (jokingly?) that hotels are the only place to see RT, and I can’t remember having seen it in any hotels I’ve been to recently. I guess I support Liz Wahl and Abby Martin opining anti-Russian views on RT. For Abby Wahl, they mentioned that the producers enjoyed the dissent because it helped ratings. And if it weren’t for these anchors speaking out, I wouldn’t have known about RT. The U.S. likes to cover anti-Russian views, so CNN surely had no problem covering the Liz Wahl story. The piece probably gave RT some new supporters; haters as well, but those against the network can’t really stop the supporters from liking it. As was mentioned in the On The Media podcast, every nation has propaganda coverage, I think we should be grateful that Russia Today is more obvious in showing its angle.


  1. This is the greatness of the Freedom of Speech in the US; despite the pro-Russia and anti-American views of the company they are allowed to air news in the US.

  2. Haha yeah it’s very ironic. And on a strange side note: When you commented on this, I was sent an e-mail with your IP Address, the e-mail you used to sign up for wordpress, and a personal profile telling me your ISP, handle; I don’t even know what a CIDR is but I have that too among other things. I don’t know why I need this, why did wordpress give me this information? But they gave it to me, we don’t even need the NSA with helping us out. I know people often mistake the IP address for some magical code to hack your computer, but I’m pretty sure I could at least attempt to clone it. Don’t worry man I have no intention of doing anything though aha.

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