Aircraft gone missing

There are numerous questions with leads that up dead in the case of the Malaysian airlines aircraft. How do you lose an airplane? That is the question that continued to resurface in my mind as I continued to listen to the segment. With the advancement in technology over the decades and the development of radars that track the airplanes one would think that it is impossible to lose an airplane. Then again unforeseen things happen all the time but in this case the answers given related to the electrical malfunctions or the crew turning off some of the equipment for what ever reasons. Nevertheless, the plane has vanished and I can not imagine the pain that the passengers’ families are enduring.

I could finish there but the conspiracies attached to this subject are pretty interesting. Biting around the edges describes the situation well in relation to what happened on flight 370. I must admit that I looked into the situation in depth when news first broke out. I heard about the two passengers with the stolen passports and right away i thought that the plane was hijacked or at least there was an attempt to. That in itself is a red flag and it speaks on airport security and their role in keeping everyone safe. It questions the vulnerability of airports even after regulations were changed to ensure safety. The two men with the stolen passports were both Iranian and were seeking refuge somewhere in Europe, according to the podcast. False hope also rang out as the families of the passengers’ tried to communicate with them by calling the cellphones. The phones would ring but would disconnect shortly after leading the families to think that they were still alive. There are no clear answers just bits and pieces on what truly happened to the aircraft.


  1. To quote CBS news which I just heard five seconds ago, “there’s a reason that only 7% of the world under the waves has been explored.” It’s damn hard to navigate the ocean, and there is simply so much there.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_France_Flight_447 This flight took 2 years to recover a black box, and they found debris within 2 days of the crash…

    I had no clue that communications went dead over the ocean, if anything this news story was good because I learned the limitations of our technology. I don’t know if they’ll find it, I think they might find debris in the next couple of months though. But they won’t find the whole thing because I happen to know for a fact that aliens took it. Should they choose to return it, then maybe the rest of the world will understand.

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