Malcolm Gladwell- Small Change. Why the revolution will not be tweeted.

Gladwell explains through different examples like the civil rights movement how successful  protest happens. In order for a big change to be made he believes there must be an organization that has leaders and there must be a strong connection between all protesters involved. Social media is quite the opposite and that is why I agree with Gladwell’s point that social media is not the most effective way for activism. People on Twitter and Facebook do not have a strong connection, often times it is two complete strangers that may have the same interests and become acquaintances. Gladwell believes that social media may increase participation of great number of people however, this does not correlate to an increase in motivation. Gladwell explains, “Social networks are particularly effective at increasing motivation,” Aaker and Smith write. But that’s not true. Social networks are effective at increasing participation—by lessening the level of motivation that participation requires.” People can like a Facebook page however that does mean they will directly do anything to help the cause. I think social media can bring awareness and allow people to interact and discuss their views on an issue. However, high profile protests require much more “strong ties” , close relationships between people and motivation to make a big change. I think hiding behind a technological device discourages true sacrifice and dedication from protesters. 

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  1. I agree that social media increases participation not necessarily motivation. You can easily join a cause by sitting at a computer and doing nothing compared to those out there on their feet raising money, brainstorming as a team, etc. I think true motivation comes from seeing those affected by something and interesting with others in person. I would argue that if protesters had to go out in the real world to promote their cause, there would be less of them because that takes TRUE work and motivation.

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