Not-So-Private Metadata

This segment of this week’s On The Media left me with mixed responses. I thought it was careless for the NSA to say that they do not collect any private information from the population and only collect metadata. It was careless because there are people and groups who, just like the people at the Stanford Security Lab, will conduct their own research about the accuracy of these claims. After listening to everything someone could find out about a person from this information, I was left with mixed emotions. After all, it was great that the Stanford Security Lab were able to find some criminal activity with the information they gathered. For findings such as this one, findings that can ensure the security of the population, the collection of the metadata is a great thing. However, the research also came up with data that enabled the researchers to come up with conclusions about the everyday life of people. The collection of this data does produce a crazy amount of information that in some cases may be useless to the NSA, but it is true that whether we like it or not, the NSA is peeking into our privacy to keep us safe.

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