NSA Phone Call Hop

Now before I go on my rant, I would like to say that I am against any excessive laws and the breaking of our privacy by unnecessary means… BUT!  As for the NSA hopping phone calls, I feel that although my privacy seems violated by the idea, it really is not so scary unless you have something to hide.  I think that people overly flatter themselves, more accidently than purposely, to think that the government is listening in on their own personal phone calls and accessing all their phone information like contacts, etc.  Realistically, they are looking for specific words that are linked to terrorism, bombings, murders, etc.  The government does not care that you are calling your mothers from school to talk about your relationshiop problems.  If you have nothing to hide from the government or a reason to be tracked down and imprisoned, then why do you care.  It’s to keep us all safe as long as it’s in the hands of a suitable official.  This reminds me of a post I’ve seen more often than I’d like… It is a photo of a teen boy sitting only about from a foot of his TV screen ‘in a trans’, the picture is purposely all in black and greenish tints so it is intensely robotic looking, and on the TV it says, “GO TO SCHOOL, GET A JOB, GO TO WORK, GET MARRIED, HAVE SOME KIDS, PAY YOUR TAXES, PAY YOUR BILLS, WATCH TV, LISTEN TO THE NEWS, OBEY THE LAW, NOW REPEAT AFTER ME: I AM FREE”  These ‘freedom bashing’ reports and ads really aggravate me… What this meme forgot to write in the fine print was, “You are your own individual and this LIFESTYLE IS OPTIONAL.”  This is more a free country than not, I understand people feel under a scope MORE today, but think about it… Out of all the Internet pages and media’s you are a member of that seem to ‘scare’ you… You signed up for them; no one threatened your life to sign up for Facebook.  That includes having a smart phone or a cell phone.  If you don’t want to be under a light, leave the room.  Things need to be monitored in our country considering we are hated by so many for our strengths.  Imagine if there was no tapping into the front decks of airplanes… It’s an extreme example, but it’s all the same terrorist, just holding a different electronic.

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