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In last weeks On The Media, I found the segment regarding Twitter and its relevance to social connection to be extremely interesting. In the past decade, social media has been a very influential medium that has impact individuals, society, and cultures around the world. Aside from Facebook, Twitter has become the frontrunner of this social media revolution. Twitter is the fastest and most convenient way for individuals and communities to connect, while creating networks within networks, all of which engage in personal, local, and worldly events and news. This being said, it is  evident that social media, most specifically Twitter, has the power to promote interaction and communication on levels that were never imaginable. It’s instantaneous transmission of statuses, statements, proclamations, accusations, opinions, the list goes on….has enabled Internet users to take full advantage of technology, and the abilities that it allows. Although I have been a user of Twitter for a few years now, it has come to my realization that over the past year Twitter has become the most useful, impactful, and engaging platform in all of social media. All the significant events that have occurred in the past months in the United States, and around the world, have been broadcasted not only on network news, but through citizens’ interaction through Twitter. I find the power and relevance of this particular platform to be fascinating….What about you?

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  1. I completely agree with your post in regards to how fascinating and revolutionary Twitter has become in the recent years. It is amazing that this once small social media engine has become one of the most popular platforms for communication, connections and movements all around the world. I think Twitter has become so revoluntionary because it is so easy to access and the social media’s efficiency, effectiveness and popularity allows anyone to communicate and get their idea’s or struggles out there for the public to be informed. This reminds me of our class discussions on mediated mobilization and the many different movements that are now using Twitter to spread their word. One example of this was the Kony 2012 movements, that used Twitter and actually created a worldwide hash tag that got people all around the world to become supporters of the movement. Overall, Twitter’s transformation into a revolutionary tool is truly intriguing.

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