Twitter Cartography

I believe that the communication on Twitter as described on the segment “Twitter cartography”  from On the Media was very accurate. From observations, twitter is a social media platform where people just tweet their thoughts and from time to time interact with each other. Most of the time people tweet about whatever they wants and others who follow them take a second to read their tweets. Only when a person sees that another’s tweet is interesting or worthy of sharing is when they re-tweet it. As mentioned in the segment, re-tweeting may seem like activity that is causing interaction but in reality, the level of interaction that occurs when re-tweeting is low. At times people do have conversations with each other but it would usually be something very short. Twitter in my opinion is the social media platform with the least interaction between its users. As mentioned in the podcast, the conversation is short and people don’t talk to each other, they talk about each other. I thought it was funny how Twitter was described as High School, which is kind of true because people often write tweets about someone who they know will see it, and they don’t say it directly, they will say it subliminal.  Twitter, in my opinion, and it’s level of interaction is changing the way people are talking to each other online. 

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