Trigger Warnings

This week on One The Media the segment on Trigger Warnings was extremely time worthy. Trigger Warnings on the Internet prepare people for disturbing subjects. What was primarily intended to warn of graphic images for those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress has now become a regular part of mainstream media. An example given was of a women writing complains that there should be a trigger a warning on things that have to do with pregnancy for those who cant conceive. But the request to have a trigger warning on a site resulted in women not posting about pregnancy all together. The outcome of women not posting at all shows just how much on an influence our comments have online. It also shows the misuse of trigger warnings today. Any an every subject can be controversial or oppose someone’s ideas and thoughts, thus trigger warnings can be posted on just about everything! I think that today trigger warnings have lost sight of the original purpose and now are overused to cater to everyone’s feelings. What was once a warning is now a compulsory emotional correctness. Students in California also requested to pass a resolution where trigger warnings are mandatory included in offensive syllabi. The issue with this is what is meant to be educational will now be censored or removed all together due to this resolution. This has become an ongoing issue with books, some which have been famously used for years in the curriculum but are not being taken out due to topics such as rape and racism. Trigger warnings continue to undermine intellectual exploration and will keep people in a bubble. Speech, journalism, and art can trigger emotions intended to promote emotional reactions and having a trigger warning on just about everything controversial will limit the number of reactions.

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