Pathetic Either Way

Pathetic Either Way

Immediate pet peeve to start with: First of all, it’s not awkward. The word “awkward” is used way too loosely all of the sudden in the last two-three years and I feel like such a simple but important word has lost it’s real meaning. Awkward is a harsh word from uncomfortable. Moments like this are not uncomfortable, they are just idiotic.

On another note, I think meme’s are pretty strange, kind of weird to say the least… I never have and never will post one on my own media because I feel like they are just a trend of the Online-life. I personally cannot stand trends and when individuals try to ‘be a part of the crowd’… Meme’s are a subtle way of doing so. That’s certainly my own opinion but since we have to post these, I found this meme to be perfect because it’s a meme making fun of meme’s. Knowingly how ridiculous it would be to use them in real life, why do we even bother using them on the Internet. Let’s be honest, the world has probably seen your meme-post more than five times within that month. And even more importantly, is this a different aspect of “trolling”? Except without the direct negativity to another…? Considering you would [according to this] say it online, just not in real life.

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  1. I definitely agree with you, words like awkward, awesome and other similar words have lost their meaning today. English language has more words to define the feeling of awkwardness or awesomeness than any other language that I know of. Despite the availability of such rich vocabulary we have confined ourselves to use very few words very frequently.

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