Youtube’s Saddest Comments

While listening to this podcast,  they started talking about Marc Slutsky the person who did the research on the youtube comments, my thought was well thats an unfortunate last name. I found it interesting how he talked about listening to old songs on youtube. He mentioned one where someone commented how it brought back the memory of them growing up and while they were walking down the street someone was blasting it really loud. Someone commented on another song talking about being a senior in high school and both him and his best friend were in love with this girl and listening to that song brought up that memory. It has been years since the Backstreet Boys were popular but I still listen to some of those songs all the time. In elementary school they were probably my favorite band although I guess they fall under the category of boy-band.


  1. I really enjoyed this segment, one comment that comes to mind during my travels was on some indie dance song I was listening to. I didn’t like it too much so I don’t remember the song, but the comment was along the lines of this: “I was blasting this song in L.A. on *street name* at a red light. This guy in a black corvette pulls up next to me and says “I love that song” and handed me five bucks. So If you’re reading this, thanks.”

    I don’t know how truthful that comment was, but I have little reason to doubt it. The segment was also good because it had Souvenirs by Voyage, great track.

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