My media

I have been really struggling to figure out what my media is. I use so much throughout the day that it is really difficult for me to attach myself to one. I am always attached to my phone waiting for texts and especially emails, but I am also attached to my ipod. With such strong attachments it is really difficult for me to choose just one, and incredibly difficult for me to imagine life without any of them. New technology scares me. I am afraid of what is coming in the future in terms of media and the technology involved. Every time a new iphone comes out I have a minor heart attack when I hear what new feature it has and the thought of google goggles haunts my dreams. Even with all of these fears, I am still addicted to my media. I held out on getting an iphone for so long but the second I gave in, I became attached. It scares me how fast we get attached to these things.

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