Irony of the Comm Major

Just a quick post…  I am impressed with everyone’s semester project presentations so far.  I feel like everyone has done a good job of hitting many different aspects of the media we have talked about in class.  Everyone seems to have a different way of attacking his/her own subject.

Also, I find it ironic that the communications study has seemingly shifted from the idea of ‘lets learn about media and then become a part of it’ to ‘the media is so terrible we need to figure out a way to stop all of this.’  It really is quite a change in these upcoming grad classes, the way we feel about our own interests and how we are interested because of it’s negativity for the most part.  We go to class every day nearly to just bash the Online world and what humans have become from it all.  Us all being comm majors and minors, saying the things we do in this class, is like signing on to Facebook and posting a status that says, “I hate Facebook”.  This all makes me feel like the negative media cannot stand a chance much longer if every upcoming comm major is like all of us, and that is certainly a good thing.  We should start brainstorming ways to fix the media culture of America, like Christie has mentioned needs to be changed once or twice before.  After all, a thousand miles starts in one single step, we can change it.

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  1. I agree with you that we do need to do something to change, and maybe one of looking at our class discussion is that we are learning what affects these media outlets have on us. Understanding the problem is the first step towards tackling it

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