Annotated Bibliography

 Women Objectify Women in Music Videos Too, Researchers Find.” Latimes.com. N.p., 4 Apr. 2012. Web. 27 Mar. 2014.

In my extended research for my paper on objectification of women in the music industry I came across a small article from the LA times that I found interesting. It definitely provides a new angle of objectification where women objectify themselves in their music videos or any other media outlets. The image provided at the top of the article is of Lady Gaga in her bad romance video released in 2009 and as corny as it may sound it opened my eyes to a new realm of objectification and all the other types of objectification that renders from genre to genre in the music industry. Furthermore, the article does provide studies that were done with the self objectification of women, which included races and as mentioned before genres of music. I was not surprised to find out that music videos from 2006-2010 included the majority of female objectification in the genres of r&b and hip hop, of course the article was written a little over 2 years ago but nevertheless I am sure that the majority of objectification still belongs to r&b, hip hop and other mainstream genres. (Country music has the least of women objectified).      


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