The Dirty Dic

After hearing my presentation, I think that the whole class now has an idea of what @TheDirtyDic is all about. The Dirty Dic(tionary) is educational, it’s satire, it’s off-color humor, it’s culture jamming. I’m hesitant to say that it is a divergent voice; because as I had mentioned in class, ribald and lewd humor is commonplace on the internet. I think that when these jokes make their way from text to voice, they beget repugnance and come across and very gauche. This type of shock humor is harder to execute verbally, and that is why I have chosen twitter as my medium. Plus if you do learn these words, use them sparingly in real life, do not abuse them. No one likes a pedant.

Here are the links of similar projects that you all should be familiar with now:




and read up on what some people think about this type of internet humor here –


Excerpt: “The “for the lulz” attitude can be more broadly thought of as a rationale for the idea that everything is worth making fun of, nothing should be taken seriously, not even a guy getting punched in the face until he bleeds.” And I put this attitude to work in tweeting everyday. I try not to leave any moral stone unturned (well, maybe a few) and believe that you can find humor in almost everything. Once you put a face on it and talk about a real person who was sexual assaulted, then it ceases to contain humor. The idea of sexual assault, and bending the way we look at it or respond to it, that can create humor. The person who can laugh at everything is the happier person, and definitely is a lot smarter and happier than I. The article also touches on the debate of the internet making us dumber. Do dumb people assemble on the internet, or does the internet make us dumber, maybe it creates an environment to procrastinate in which is often associated with a lack of intelligence? There are many problems here, and the write-up is a good one, take a look.

I hope y’all can learn something and accept this project for what it is meant to be. Most of all, I hope you all learn some vocabulary from it. The idea is that if the tweet is shocking, it will help you remember the word and definition. I can think of at least one tweet that I had deliberated on removing, but I think that those tweets are the ones that will stick with people if they read it. Check me out at https://twitter.com/thedirtydic

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