My Semester Project

Hi there everyone! 


Below is the link to my final semester project. 


My objective for this project was to create a blog that focused on health and wellness pertaining to a college-aged demographic. I am planning on continuing this blog to help peers achieve their health and wellness goals, at an easy and affordable rate. I wanted to help inform my peers of ways to live healthily on a college campus, and reach their health goals while learning valuable information in an increasingly-health conscious generation. I definitely believe that I achieved my personal goals for this blog thus far, and I am excited to continue to work on it even after the semester is over. I plan on extending it to healthy beauty and body products, and fitness tips! 


I hope, for anyone who read some of my posts, learned from and enjoyed the information that I provided! If anyone has any post requests, or even recommendations/critiques, please let me know! I love feedback. 







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  1. I think your project is not only unique, but also very beneficial for anyone who finds it. I feel that the topic of health has been growing in popularity lately; people are becoming more aware of how they eat as well as what they eat. I hope you do continue with this and I look forward to learning more from you.

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