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Christie already posted FOR our project but this is a sidenote of my own.

So I realized something today that I found extremely interesting while going through mine and Christie’s semester project surveys.  I have come to the conclusion that (judging by the female based ad we used for the project) that men and women react differently depending on whether it is a male or a female on the advertisements.  It’s somewhat hard to explain so i’ll explain it like this:

In an ad with a woman looking provacative: Women seem to be more un-phased in body language and just blantantly state that they are disgusted, yet they expect such advertisements to go out every single day.  Whereas when men see a woman looking provacative, they are in shock and so uncomfortable – because they cannot relate to the woman’s pose, they are seemingly repulsed because they do not know how to handle the ad.

In an ad with a man looking provacative: Men seem to be more un-phased in body language and just say that they expect those advertisements as well and know they are subject to silent OR aloud critisim in a world of public sexuality.  Whereas when women see a man looking provacative, THEY are the ones in shock and more uncomfortable – because THEY cannot relate to the man’s pose, they are seemingly disturbed because the do not know how to handle the ad; they are more use to being the ones feeling targeted, becomign surprised that other’s are being targeted as well (even though it is obvious and happens every single day).

People subconsciously seek more disturbance in those ads in which attack their OPPOSITE gender due to feeling discomfort in ‘staring’ because they cannot relate, it is not a body like their own, and they do not know how to take in the position of that person – they cannot relate, therefore making it more of a shock rather than feeling unphased.

This is not fact based – but something I have indefinitely observed while doing all of these surveys over the courses of the weeks.  Women blowing it off more than usual and the men actually become angry that they were told to even look at the photograph.  I have a theory that if the ad given was of a man in a sexual position, the reactions would flip.

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  1. So we expect or even allow the objectification of our own gender? Haha how selfless. Well I’m sure I’d be uncomfortable if you pushed softcore female porn in my face for a school study as well. Were you present to conduct interviews? Or did you have guys write back to you electronically? I think the social environment in some cases could pressure them to respond “properly.” And did you ask them about their porn habits? That would have been interesting to see any hypocrites aghast at the ads and yet rather content surfing their favorite porn site.

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