Semester Project

Hey Everyone!

Christina and I created a blog for our project, BisousChicXO. She wrote posts about fashion and I wrote about beauty.

I personally love makeup. I started wearing it in middle school (basic eyeliner) and more into high school and college. I love everything about makeup- all of the pretty colors and packaging. I go on Sephora’s website in my spare time to see what’s new and loved. I knew I wanted to incorporate my love for it in this project.

My focus while writing each post for the blog was to cover the latest makeup trends for Spring 2014; I talked about the trends and ways to wear them. Each post includes pictures that demonstrate the trend I refer to, as well as a video I created in which I provide a tutorial for a look that incorporates the trend. All except the last one are based on a look a celebrity wore, but they each portray how we are affected by the media. The Spring makeup trends derived from the New York Fashion Week that took place earlier this year. Major fashion and beauty magazines, such as Vogue and Glamour, picked up on some similarities among the designers showcased during the event and deemed them to be as what’s “in.” We live in a world where if you’re not in, you’re out; we take what we see and understand them to be what’s expected, what’s normal.

I chose to create tutorials based off celebrities because we all have celebrity role models; I know that when I was growing up I wanted to be Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. For years I stared at the magazine covers and pages they graced. A huge part of it was admiring the way they looked. Today, not much has changed. Kim Kardashian, for example, is a huge beauty icon. She is internationally known and idolized; her makeup never disappoints. There are many girls and women who aspire to be her- some go as far as getting cosmetic surgery. She is just one of the many idols people look up to, therefore, it made sense to me to use celebrities as a base to my videos.

My last video is of a look that I would personally wear. It still takes in one of the major trends of the season, but I used it to create my own version. At the end of the day, we are ourselves. Yes, we can admire and be inspired, but we should also be our own role models.

I really hope you all enjoy what I have worked on.

Thank you.


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