Semester Project

For my semester project, I created a blog on Tumblr where I explored the different actions we take a part in on social media outlets. I went into Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and commented on Instagram and explored the various ways people fall into all these trends and how it affects their portrayal and relationships on social media. I wrote a lot of personal thoughts, conducted some interviews, and even collected some quotes about people’s thoughts about social media platforms and their patterns. I was familiar with a couple of the outlets, so for the platforms that I wasn’t so familiar with, I asked people for their insights and even observed their accounts and the accounts of others.

For some of the trends that I looked into, I researched a couple of studies done by professionals who find out that social media does impact relationships, whether it was between friends, family, or lovers. It was very strange to see how far social media goes by affecting the lives of people and how it acts as such a strong force between a couple. I read a story that a woman refrains from looking at her partner’s page or accepting any type of request to connect because she feels it will tear them apart. Although she states that she has nothing to hide, she still feels that it will create a wedge between them because of the things she has observed on the platform. I thought it was crazy that something so small was regulated between the two.

At the end of my blog, I give my opinion as to how important these trends are at the end. I look back at it now and I don’t think they are as important as we see them to be. But as humans, we over analyze everything and sometimes forget that social media is a small force that can be ignored if needed.  There are so many great uses for social media, for example businesses use social media to expand their business and create customer engagement.

Here is a link to my blog; I hope you guys enjoy it!


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