Semester Project Completed!

For our semester project we have chosen to focus on using an online media outlet, which will be set up in a blog format. Within the blog there will be weekly posts that sometimes may feature pictures of our experiment or short video clips. For our project focus we have chosen to critique and analyze our nation’s Advertisement industry and the tactics they use in order to sell products to our consumer society. We will first start the blog by writing posts that are more informational to our audience. This will mean that we will inform our readers of the basics they will need to know about advertisers so that they can properly judge and understand our semester project experiment. These first few posts will consist of how influential advertising can be on one’s consumption (how much they consume, what they consume) and how to analyze a print ad and or TV commercial. Once these posts are complete for the viewers to properly understand then we will begin posting about our experiment. Our focus will be to choose one ad that truly exemplifies our advertising world today and all the tricks and symbols that our within it to attempt to sell the product. We will then show the ad to different types of people within our student body. These groups will consist of teachers, coaches, graduate students, male athletes, female athletes, international students, dancers, general population males and lastly general population females. One of us will be showing the advertisement to the particular person, while the other records their initial reaction (facial expressions, comments, concerns) and how they personally interpreted the ad (were they offended, do they like it/ dislike it). Each week we will focus of creating a blog post about the group we interviewed and their reactions to the advertisement. These results will allow us to then analyze their reactions and comment on what this says about this group of people and their perspective (does their age affect it, does it confirm or deny stereotypes about this group of people, does their gender affect their reaction). Hope you enjoy the final product, here’s the link!






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  1. I really liked your guys’ blog. We as viewers tend to put our guards down, unintentionally, when we watch these ads and that’s where the advertisers get to us. I think the two of you did a wonderful job!

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