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I have enjoyed working on this interesting topic for the semester. I have to admit that after writing on the blog I just found myself having more questions about copyright infringement in the music industry. But I think that was the purpose of this project, finding something you interested in using media to explore the topic to make connections and hopefully new conclusions . For my project I created a blog on Tumblr called (Muse)ic. Let’s Keep it Real. It is a blog where I explore music originality and existing court cases of copy infringement. I started off the project comparing two songs that seem to  sound very similar. Some of my posts were on how artists have spoken out and addressed accusations of copy infringement. Before starting I posted some of the laws in copyright and explained the process of obtaining copyright and the rights artists have. There is much more research I want to do and more music to analyze on this blog so I think I will continue with this project  this summer. The way media is changing and technological determinism is growing is a hint of change in legislation and perceptions of music originality in the future. It is important to begin to critically look at this arising issues not only in the music industry but in all outlets because it could become major issues in the future and there will have to be a way to solve them.

Anyway this project was enlightening and thanks for a great class.

Here is the link to the blog:



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  1. I enjoyed your project because I LOVE music and it plays a big part of my life. I knew about artists copying others but you shed a lot more light to the topic. I think you did a good job executing your blog.

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