What Made You A Man

What Made You A Man is a short film written and directed by Lucas Ruderman. Lucas is an inspiring filmmaker who in his Freshman year of college has already made a short film. Lucas, a self design Film Production Major, is also a member of the Manhattanville Video Projects. He brought his script to the club and asked if we could produce it for him. It was around the time when I was deciding what to do for my semester project. So the two of us joined forces and set out to make this film.
I wouldn’t talk much about the film itself, as it might take away the element of surprise, rather I would like to tell a little about the process. Filmmaking, like a lot of other fields requires collaboration. It is very hard to make a good film on your own. You need a whole crew, which lucky for us the club members volunteered to help. Ana Sofia and acted as producers and made sure that Lucas and our other crew had everything they need in order to finish this film. We borrowed most of our equipment from the Communications Studio for which we are very thankful to Professor Ely.
We had a total of four shoot days but the hours varied. Because of the limited availability of our actors and crew members we had to shoot on several days which made it harder for us to finish the production in the time we wanted. Had our actors and crew members been available, we would have shot the entire film in a 14 hour shoot day. But this was not something that we hadn’t anticipated. Such issues are not uncommon in student projects.
As far as post-production is concerned, we started editing the film as soon as we were done with the day’s shoot. This allowed us to review our footage and see what we were missing or what other shots we could get to make the story visually interesting. Working with Lucas was great because he knew exactly what he wanted. As a cinematographer it made my job easier (nothing is worst then going to a shoot and realizing your director hasn’t made a shot list or storyboard). He was also open to ideas which made the whole process easier.
“What Made You A Man” is the result of a collaborative process among a lot of students, actors, director, producers, writer, and sound engineers. I hope you like the film.


  1. I really love this. The first thing I noticed when watching this film was the camera angles. It felt real and as if I was standing next to this guy at this office as he is venting about his love life. It is a great, hilarious story that we can all relate to and The Office vibe is fantastic. It is witty humor that really works. Also the actors could not have been better cast. Xavier did a great job of really speaking to the camera as if we were people. I was so happy when the camera was inside of the refrigerator. I have seen it before but every time I see it I get so excited. I think that you were incredibly successful at breaking the fourth wall through film which must be incredibly difficult so I applaud you. Great film and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the wonderful things you had to say about the film. And I agree Xavier is a great actor he brought the character a life.

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