Russia Today Strikes Again!

On The Media and my example of Culture Jamming come together in Russia Today attempting to interview Sam Hyde about his TEDxDrexel performance! I’ve posted the TED video earlier on in the blog, and it’s truly an insta-classic; quintessential modern humor. Abby Martin was actually interviewed for On The Media, and her sonorous voice is featured in this video as well. Martin, to remind you of the OTM piece, voiced her opinion on air which was against Russia’s actions in Crimea. Now this outspoken rebel is back with a vengeance and a taste for blood. Her behavior is actually pretty sensible, but culture jammers just can’t find any love these days. Go to 6:44 to see the beginning process for the interview. Feel free to watch the beginning as well.

After you watch the video, you’ll see RT thinking that Hyde is making the interview into a joke. Ironically, they’re interviewing him about his TED performance which he also handled very facetiously. Of course no one needs to provide a platform for culture jamming or trolling, but I am still disappointed that Mr. Hyde wasn’t vouchsafed an interview.

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