From Fattie to Flaqui

From Fattie to Flaqui

Hey everyone!

I’m super happy and satisfied after giving my presentation. I’ve received so many texts from my friends saying that my blog made them teared up and that makes me feel so proud. I can’t believe how far I’ve come after this huge step I took on July 22, 2013. I’ll keep writing blogposts everyday, so if you have a tumblr account, follow my tumblr and read- and comment- my blogposts. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my presentation and that you liked my blog. 

To all of the Seniors: Congrats!!

To all of my classmates and Prof. Proctor: Have a great Summer! 🙂


  1. I am so happy that you shared your journey with us. You really should be incredibly proud of yourself and this blog proves even more how far you have come. It takes a lot of courage to be able to open up and share a life changing experience like this with the world and it absolutely shows what a positive effect this has had on your life. The blog itself does a great job of showing your journey and its so fun and bright that it immediately tells the reader that this was a positive change and that every day that you continue on this journey is a continuation of the new lifestyle you have chosen to live. I think that this blog really accomplished what you wanted it too and I cannot wait to keep reading your posts as you continue with this blog. I will definitely keep following and I wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. Your story is amazing and I am glad you were able to share it with us. I love how your blog is presented, it shows the positivity you have had through this whole situation. This blog is inspiring and I think many people would not only enjoy reading it but also people who might feel uncomfortable with their bodies might feel motivated to do change their lives like you did. I love that you are able to be so honest with us and you are real about what it is like to be unhappy with your body. Your blog is great and I hope you continue with it.

  3. I very much enjoyed your presentation the other day; I think your story is amazing. I think you were brave to use something so personal and bring it out in the open. I really admire you for not only having done this project, but also for the journey you went/ are going through. I know it is not an easy thing you did; this operation truly changes your every day life. I have a few family members that went through with the operation and I’ve watched them carry on their lives differently from it. I love how you made this project personal; you took a serious topic and let yourself shine through it.

  4. Your project is AMAZING! It’s so touching that I cried throughout your entire presentation haha but I just wanted to say how brave and inspirational your project was. Well done!

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