Culture Jamming

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Culture Jamming is the idea of critiquing mainstream culture, whether it be social or political, by borrowing popular and widespread advertisements. This becomes an effective way to alert consumers of a number of issues, because they are so used to seeing these ads on a daily basis. Culture jammers are able to captivate audiences, because they simply degrade the brand that the audience loves. Audience members may overlook a simple ad because they’ve seen it a number of times before. The goal of all advertisers is to get the audience to pay attention, purchase a product, and enjoy it. Advertisers may have trouble getting an audience attracted to certain ads because of the many ads around them. By changing an ad, or even adding something to it that the audience is not used to seeing, culture jammers are able to get the audience to pay closer attention, and realize what the usual ad is actually trying to sell.  The Nike example above was created by culture jammers as a way to bring forth the many problems within the company. The goal of this ad was to get consumers to understand that their favorite activewear company produces their products by resorting to outsourcing and having products made in sweatshops.   

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