Although in our last class we touched different ambits, I would like to stop in the specific point that draw my attention. Technology has been evolving and changing during the last decade at a speed which is challenging us to even adapt before another change comes in. This situation brought many ethical issues into the game.

Nowadays, we (the people), create and distribute media content. We have new platforms that have never been used before, and this creates gray areas when it comes to laws, rights, and ethical codes. As we spoke in class, Facebook has been a major hit since the beginnings of the 21st century. Different situations have taken place since then. Accounts that have remained opened after someones death, account property issues, etc. We have also seen how companies have sold and distributed our personal information in order to make profits. They sell our information as well as our pictures. Although it’s legally theirs, what is ethically correct?

Property issues have been showing up constantly, but I would like to point out the “Monkey Selfie” story. Do animals have the same rights as human beings? It seems to be that they do not have copyright rights. A monkey took a selfie with David Slater’s (photographer) camera and usually, the person who takes the picture owns it’s rights but this doesn’t apply to monkeys. This is a complicated and interesting case, thereby, I highly recommend to read the story.

The world is moving way faster than what we are used to, or even can support. Legal controversy is coming very frequently in new and unexplored fields, packed with gray areas. Ethical behavior is becoming more and more difficult to achieve, as we no longer know where is the line.

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