Culture Jamming & Advertising

Example of culture jamming: 

In recent news, Urban Outfitters is being slammed due to their t-shirt, “Eat Less”. The shirt defines this idea of eating less which is a major problem for those who suffer from anorexia.

Actress Sophia Bush took a stand against the t-shirt and believes Urban Outfitters needs to apology for their act of producing the t-shirt.

In an open letter to Urban Outfitters which was posted on her blog, Bush wrote:

“You should issue a public apology, and make a hefty donation to a women’s organization that supports those stricken with eating disorders. I am sickened that anyone, on any board, in your gigantic company would have voted ‘yes’ on such a thing, let alone enough of you to manufacture an item with such a hurtful message. It’s like handing a suicidal person a loaded gun. You should know better.” – Sophia Bush 

This example defines culture jamming in which Sophia Bush went against the advertisement of the t-shirt and took a stand for what she believes in.

On another note: 


I agree with Rebecca’s post when she stated, “Women speaking out against advertisements; culture jamming is not harmful” 

Culture jamming is a way for people to speak out and say what’s on their mind. I believe that certain ads are created for controversy because without it, it would be boring. The individual behind everything wants people to talk about the advertisement, have a response, and agree or disagree. Everyone loves a good story and thats exactly what culture jamming, it gets people talking and interacting with each other. 






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