Overall the message that I have received from the different genres is that media is constantly growing and changing. It doesn’t have a designated destination of where or what it will be. I like the idea of making media a living and breathing thing because it creates the illusion of anything being possible. I thought all of the different genres were interesting to learn about because it gave me a new perspective and a different eye when viewing how people use the media and how the media actually affects the citizens.

I found Mediated Mobilization and the Distinguishing Factors, specifically the hybrid\ recombinant technologies interesting. Media Mobilization relates to the actions and reactions of the Michael Brown shooting and as well as the Treyvon Martin shooting which is a major event that is currently affecting many citizens of the Unites States. People in many communities who want justice are protesting to make a difference. They are fighting for what they believe in. In that sense Media Mobilization can be considered positive because it gives people the chance to fight for freedom.

Hybrid \ recombinant technologies do resist stabilization. It is the heart of media changing. Through social media people are now more aware of different ways to communicate, research, gossip and learn by using simple sites such as Facebook and twitter. Networking also comes into play because different technologies are being merged together which results in more ways to connect.

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