Mediated Mobilization

Mediated Mobilization uses the fast paced advances of technology to promote protests and other gatherings such as flash mobs. These groups can have an agenda for political gain, entertainment, or anything that revolves around gaining attention on certain world issues via individuals with common interests. With the fast paced internet, and the availability of spreading the word within minutes has allowed Mediated Mobilization to grow. In the past issues were spread via email and took time to be dispersed throughout a community, now a post on Twitter and individuals across the world can find out instantly.  By using an interesting tactic such as a flash mob to promote a current issue, these individuals are putting a spin on media news that people of this generation are more likely to post and retweet. This allows the views of some to be viewed by many. The media covers these issues in which they then are glorified to show that individuals are taking a stand in ways that viewers are more likely to gravitate to. Mediated Mobilization is growing with the rise of technology and is brought into consumers lives, even without their knowledge. 

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