New Media

The discussion that we had in class last week I thought was an amazing way to really kick start the semester because we discussed “New media” and how it’s changing our culture. In a sense just writing this blog post is somewhat of a great example how media has changed because, in the past this post would most likely just be a discussion in class and not a blog post accessible to all students in class from different devices. One of the things that really stood out to me in our class discussion was the bit about  the media being a “living breathing community” I feel like Lievroux made a great point because almost all media types in the world is a collective unit. A great example of this is social media sites like Facebook, blog sites such as tumblr, and music sites like spotify. Almost every website you go to you see a little “share” button so that your friends can see what you are up too.
Another thing that stood out to me during our class discuss upon was the fact that the line between producer and consumer is being blurred because of the digital era that we are in. YouTube is the best example I can think of at the moment that really shows how one can be a producer and a consumer, because we see many people do reviews on products and or people showcasing their talents all over the world. When one starts off vlogging about their life, they are considered a consumer, but then when they get a lot of hits and YouTube starts to send them checks in the mail they then become a producer.image

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