Paul Eisele Post 1

Mediated Mobilization in terms of new media is a form of communication that allows people to connect with one another in ways not possible before instant communication, ideally in hopes of social organization (E.G. protest, rally, spreading awareness) and all are spread via instant media like twitter, Facebook message etc. Such mediums promote social connection and can be used to raise awareness of a cause or social issue, or even organize a protest that the people involved think is needed. The technologies required for mediated mobilization are far superior to those of the age before when people had to wait for their message to be delivered, replied to, and received again. Now it can all happen instantly. This can be good if the issue at hand is beneficial to the community in which it exists, However, in more recent times, people have begun to use this form of communication for more watered down purposes and more often we are seeing this not be the case. In the example video I selected, the new media genre of mediated mobilization takes the form of a “flash mob”. Which could be a good thing had it been organized to raise awareness for a disease or social issue, instead, its format is harnessed by teenagers who break out in a flash mob as a promposal (proposal to go to the prom). This genre has retained its form of advanced social interaction but lost its purpose from addressing a cause or issue to being about a high school prom. This can be potentially harmful because being able to organize a protest or spread awareness is an invaluable tool in any society and thus be used appropriately.

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