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In the midst of the commercial and digital era we live in, there is a much-needed revolutionary voice. It’s hidden behind the memes we see while scrolling down on our Facebook newsfeed, which ironically challenge what the “personalized” advertisements try to sell us. My Facebook these days, for instance, is full of advertisements that are supposed to get me interested. It’s also full of pictures of people that I’ve seen, met one time, and not know well- all in their best outfits, wearing their makeup, heals or hanging out with the “coolest” people. Facebook has lost its original purpose, connecting people, becoming a platform in which companies and corporations are able to become wealthier through ideas that can be sold and installed in people’s minds in a quicker and easier manner. And by “easier manner” I refer  to how by agreeing to some terms (that we honestly didn’t even read), our personal preferences and information are utilized  to commercially target us more directly. In the midst of all of this craziness, there is  the memes and infographics that provide an alternative view to all the manipulated and commercially biased information we constantly receive. The images attached to this post are all examples of this genre of alternative media and they come from a page that I like on Facebook called “Revolutionary Images.” As every “culture jam,” this page provides criticism towards mainstream media, consumerism, and the only 6 corporations that manage the information we receive. According to an infographic created by Jason (Frugal Dad), the founder of Affordableshoolsonline.com, as of 2012, there were only 6 corporations managing media in the United States. (Check infographic on the link.)


Rev. Images Culture Jamming


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