Participatory Journalism

Participatory journalism is an interesting form of media. Through this form of journalism, society is given facts and opinions that work together in order to inform the communities. However, it can be biased at times because journalism is supposed to be based on facts and not opinions. Today in class we asked ourselves a numerous times, Is it ethical to call it journalism? I honestly could not answer that question because it’s contradictive and can be argued both ways. I think the appropriate name for it is participatory journalism. There is no need to try to make it into something that it is not. Through this form of media opinions can be formulated while reporting.

An example of participatory journalism can range from breaking news, personal stories and online news articles. Journalism has developed over the years through the media and it comes in different forms and styles. Opinions and entertainment has a huge impact on participatory journalism. When we read blogs on relationships and it includes statistics and personal situations that occurred in real life it is considered participatory journalism. We are hooked on to the blog because we can relate to the opinions that are included in the facts. When you can personally connect to an article, it makes you want to continue reading. Although, it can be a positive media, it can also be dangerous if dealing with unreliable sources. Just like any form of writing or reporting, it is important to know what can be trusted and what cannot. Since the media has become more community friendly it is up to us as individuals to protect ourselves and to know the difference of what is reasonably biased and what is extremely biased.

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