Response to Genre Framework

I Do believe Lievrouw makes a couple of interesting points in her text. For one, her observation of our generation’s transition and shift into a digitalized mediated world is very accurate. We are rapidly shifting over and it is only a matter of time until we make the complete shift. This is prevalent in the new form of media users. The new media user is a a hybrid user, a combination of media consumers and media producers. This means that people who consume media are now also creating it. One of the best ways I can exemplify this is with Vine and Snapchat. Vine and Snapchat are two social networking mobile apps that allows the transfer of content from one media user to another. Every receiver is typically always a creator as well. This is what allows the mobile app to be a successful one. Without the mutual sender-receiver relationship ¬†that allows the interactive framework to successfully function, the app would not exist.


With that being said certain responsibilities and questions arise. questions such as if we are creators and consumers of the media being put out there, how much of the content are we responsible for and can we be held accountable for it? On the other hand, do we really have a choice on how we consume media or is it a fixated system that we simply have no choice but to abide by?

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