Algorithmic Journalism

Since the birth of Internet, research, communication and speed have dramatically changed. We are able to find answers to almost any of our questions by using Google, the biggest and most successful search engine. Although it has turned out to be extremely useful, people have begun to rely on search engines as if the first few results were the only information available, when in fact millions of results show up. Moreover, these big companies are paid for advertisements and to position websites in certain order. This means that you will probably not only get webpages with the highest number of hits, but paid websites that sneak in.

This is why; algorithmic journalism shouldn’t be trust a hundred percent. As many media companies, they tend to hide sites from people or block certain words to show up to keep regulations or interests of private parties.

Our generation isn’t used to obtain information from other sources, and this will create a problem to our society, as we will be under these companies control, pulling strings in the shade.

Relying on algorithms to define the results of studies, news, opinions etc. wouldn’t be a very good option. Once again, relying on a single and private source just as our generation is starting to do will have a negative effect on our future. Obtaining all the information from a single source is definitely very dangerous, because our ideas and points of view could easily be changed by these private companies. Action needs to be taken.

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