Participatory Journalism: Ferguson Overtaken by The People

Participatory Journalism involves untrained public citizens that take on the task to report on events happening in the community. This form of journalism has recently been utilized in the case of the Michael Brown shooting, which led to Ferguson protests. With the unfiltered content being spread throughout Twitter, Facebook and numerous videos on YouTube or Vine, the content in which the public is receiving is raw and placed based on perspective and personal opinion. When individual opinions are being brought into a situation multiple stances can be taken, allowing the consumer to choose what to follow but the negative impact resulting from this can be dangerous.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.55.14 AMWith the growing use of the internet participatory journalism is becoming a widespread phenomenon. Items are being posted within seconds of them happening, leaving room for plenty of false information. Without filtering of the media, we are being placed into a more desensitized state of mind. Participatory Journalism gives people a voice, but not everyone knows how to use that voice responsibly.

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