Participatory Journalism – Ray Rice

Participatory Journalism is when public citizens play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information. I was not able to attend our last class which this term/topic was covered, however after reading several other blog posts, reading the text, and doing further research in this area, I believe I have a basic proficiency of understanding.

In the world of sports, currently, the biggest news is the Ray Rice scandal. Ray Rice, a Westchester County native, and former NFL player, has been indefinitely suspended from the NFL for assaulting his wife in an elevator. He was originally suspended for two games by Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, until most recently when the entirety of the video of the assault within the elevator was released. After the video had surfaced of the events which took place within the elevator, all hell broke loose via social media, and all major media outlets nationwide. Public citizens were tweeting, making Facebook statuses, and even creating meme’s and Instagram’s pertaining┬áto the event.

The entire nation has been participating in the story of Ray Rice’s assault. I do not believe it is good, nor bad, but inevitable. I also believe the NFL commissioner to be extremely naive in the sense that, he stated he had never seen the video within the elevator, which caused Rice to go from a mere two game suspension, to an expulsion from the league. In today’s world, everything is recorded, nothing is kept private, i.e. Donald Sterling, and now the Atlanta Hawks owner. Everyone has an opinion, and it is everyone’s right to share their viewpoints on the matter. Some, more ignorant than others, regardless everyone has the right to do so.

My viewpoints on the matter?

1. You put your hands on a woman in a physical, harmful matter, that’s immediate jail time.

2. Absolute bullsh*t that Roger Goodell claimed he had never seen the video from inside the elevator when handing down a two game suspension to Rice. You’re the commissioner of the NFL.. You mean to tell me you didn’t have all the facts in front of you after a video is leaked showing one of the top players dragging his unconscious, then fiance (I don’t know how to do the accent on the ‘e’ on a mac), out of an elevator? You made $44.2mm in 2012-13… He shouldn’t resign, he should be fired.

3. Do I believe Ray Rice is a horrible, malicious man? No. Was he wrong? Obviously. However, I do believe (most) everyone deserves a second chance. I do not know for sure, but I assume he was heavily intoxicated during the incident. Does that make it OK? Again, obviously not. But, people make horrible mistakes. He’ll have to answer to God one day, and only He can judge. I believe an indefinite suspension was the correct call, and that should have been the immediate move. He’ll need to do a significant amount of counseling and work, but I believe we’ll be seeing him on Sunday’s again eventually.

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